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Disney Fund Craft

Disney Fund Craft

With all the Disney related posts lately it must be quite obvious that we are currently planning our next trip to Walt Disney World.  Being huge Disney fans that’s not a big surprise to many people.  Emma is fully on board and in fact really was the one who brought up the fact that we should go back to Disney.  Obviously it did not take much to twist our arms. This trip she really excited with all the planning and details.  She has also been diligently saving every penny she receives for Disney.  So today we decided to create a Disney Fund Craft.

She starts school tomorrow so I promised her we would do a special craft today and this Disney Fund Craft was the pefect craft to do together. Earlier today we made a trip to the Green Dollar store aka Dollarama to find a container that would be suitable for collecting all our important Disney Funds.  We found a nice cylinder glass container in the aisle with all the dishes and we both decided this would be perfect.  Next we went home and went to our crafting area.  We pulled out the Cricut and the Mickey Font Cartridge then went to town.

We cut out some black vinyl mickey head shapes, the Disney logo in Red Vinyl and the word “FUND|” in yellow.  Classic Disney colors add pizzazz to this craft.  Using transfer tape we applied the vinyl on to the container and Emma stuck the Mickey head shapes all over the container just as you would stickers.  Our final result is pictured above.  We had so much fun today doing this Disney Fund Craft it was easy to do and really got us excited for our upcoming trip.



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