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Halloween Round Up

Halloween Round UP

This October certainly has been crazy busy for us!! I had so many great intentions and ideas to blog about.  And honestly I wish I had the time to blog more but alas time was not on my side.  In honor of Halloween which is coming up on this Saturday, I was inspired to put together a special Halloween Round Up of So… That’s how she does its favourite Halloween Crafts and Treats.

Without further ado here are some of our past favourite Halloween themed blogs FYI they are in no particular order.  Click on the link to be brought to the original blog post!

  1. Our Decorated Mini Pumpkins                                                                                   Mini Pumpkins
  2. Halloween Duct Tape Frames                                                                           Halloween Duct Tape Frame
  3. Pumpkin Quesadilla                                                                                         Pumpkin Quesadilla
  4. Mickey Pumpkin Kit                                                                                                                 Mickey Pumpkin Kit
  5. Mummy Dogs

    Mummy Dogs

    Mummy Dogs

  6. Mr. Potato Head Pumpkins – FYI this was my very first blog post wow we have certainly come along way                                            Potato Head Pumpkin
  7. Halloween Cricut Vinyl Project                                                                         Pumpkin - Happy Halloween Finished

Well that is it for our Halloween Round Up. I loved this idea of doing a recap of past posts it is interesting to look back on what we have done (and how far we have come) and a great reminder as to what things the kids really enjoyed doing and eating.  Did you enjoy our Halloween Round Up?Did you have a favourite we would love to know what it is?? We love to hear from you so don’t be shy.



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