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Peeps Decorated Cupcakes

Peeps Cupcakes

Is it just me or is this year flying by??? In a few short weeks Easter will be here.  The Easter stuff appeared in the stores with the Valentine’s day stuff. It seems to be coming earlier and earlier every year.  Anyways one of the perks is getting all that yummy Easter Candy earlier Cadbury Mini Eggs anyone??? (I know u know can get them all year long but not those massive Costco sized Bags) And of course those colorful bright Marshmallow Peeps.

Although I’m not crazy about Peeps I love using them for decorating.  They are always so cute and eye catching.  They add cuteness to everything they are in and let’s face it the kids love them. Peeps are now available in array of colours flavours and shapes depending on the season.  However it was the bright coloured Easter Peeps that really started it all.  We use them to top beverages, cakes, brownies, pudding and let’s not forget my personal favourite cupcakes.

We just baked up a batch of Chocolate Cupcakes topped of course with Chocolate Icing and the kids went to town decorating with Peeps and Easter Sprinkles.  It doesn’t get easier than that.  Simple cute and the kids are happy.

What do you decorate with Peeps??




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