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Sorry it has been awhile since I posted.  The kids have been keeping me busier than ever.  We have been doing many crafts, making treats and talking about our next vacation.  Shopkins are all the rage in our household not surprising with girls.  Emma has been pretty good about asking for them and she has decided her 5th birthday should be Shopkins themed no surprise there.

My biggest pet peeve is how to store all these little cute toys.  Previously I shared my storage solution for the McDonalds Shopkins here.  So I thought I would share some of my thrifty storage ideas for the regular ones or as Emma calls them here teeny tiny shopkins.  My first solution is pictured above.  I just bought an organizer from the hardware section of the dollar store and slapped on some  stickers.  Very simple and effective.  I was blown away at the cost of the official organizer that other then being pink was not much different and cost anywhere from $24.99-29.99.  I was not going to pay that.

Another storage idea I had was to make a travel container for play on the go.  Similar to the Frozen one we made before. I just bought a travel first aid kit at the dollar store emptied it our and slapped on some stickers.  Here is the end result!!!

Travel Shopkins 2 Travel Shopkins Storage

These first aid kit containers are perfect for travelling and makes it so much easier to keep tiny toys organized in your purse or bag. Another very simple yet effective storage solution. This container could work for so many applications

Have you any neat shopkins storage ideas? I would love to hear what you have used / done!!



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