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About Me


Hello! My name is Mary Melo. I’m a 33 year old, happily married mom to 3 amazing girls. I met my husband 10+ years ago and we have been married for almost 8 years. My Step Daughter Corrina is 15 and is the best kid anyone can ask for. I am so proud of the woman she has turned in to. She has been such a big help with her two younger Sisters Emma and Ella. Emma is my 3 year old daughter who keeps me on my toes and in stitches all day; honestly I don’t know where she comes up with some of the things she says. Ella is my 7 month old baby girl aka the happiest baby ever. She always has a huge infectious smile no matter what time of the day. This makes those late nights and early mornings a pleasure. I am very blessed with my family, my girls are my life.

We love to travel and get away as often as we can. Most of our vacations involve our other big passion which is all things Disney. We are self proclaimed Disney Junkies. In fact we had a Disney Wedding at WDW (Walt Disney World) and if it’s in the budget hopefully a 10 yr vow renewal. We have done over 10 trips to WDW (I’ve lost count) and 3 Disney Cruises in the past 10 years. Our Goal is to sail on all 4 Ships and Visit all 11 Disney Theme Parks.

I created this blog because friends and family always ask me how I am so organized, how do I get the best deals or how I find the time to get everything done and manage to add special touches, trust me sometimes I don’t even know lol. So I thought I would create a blog to share my tips and tricks on how I accomplish things in my everyday life. Enjoy and thank you for reading my blog.



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